Biskuwi - Perses (Original mix)


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Perses was the son of the Titan Crius and Eurybia. His name is derived from the Ancient Greek word perthō - "to sack", "to ravage", "to destroy"), the fact of which may have given the impression that Perses was the Titan god of destruction.

Perses' name is sirining more often these days by agressive, selfish, negative and mind-boggling politicians. But if the politics has let us down and is unable to articulate our values – then where should we turn to?

It is in this environment that culture and music should and must play a prominent role. We have all our role to play, non of them is insignificant. they are all dear. There will be a tune, an act or a word rather than any forthright political message that should and will resonate.

Biskuwi - Perses (Ape Sapiens Remix)

Biskuwi - Perses (Tim Robert Remix)