Black Elektronika



"Black Elektronika is a very talented artist whose style resonates with several captivating genres of music. Black Elektronika’s newest single, “Techno Drug”, will be a must buy track available on multiple digital and tangible platforms. His music uses a lot of creative components that really color the compositions on this new sing. Some of which include excellent chord progressions and psychedelic patterns that heighten the versatility of his music. Techno Drug contains a mixture of upbeat pieces peppered with a modern electronic style in addition his own authentic sound. Black Elektronika has established an original sound that takes vintage concepts of earlier trance music; fusing them into a new and improved contemporary sound. In addition, the instrumental harmonics really mesh well with this type of music and adds yet another impressive dynamic to his professional status as a musician. I loved the analog warmth of this single; it brings out an older kind of sound where saturators were prevalent from tape distortion. You can tell that Black Elektronika puts in a lot of work, not only in the studio, but on an engineering aspect as well.

The instrumentals are very clear and parallel processing (pumping) really cuts through the mixes, which is uncommon of independent artists today. Most independent artists just want to push any song out no matter what the quality; you have to respect an artist who puts that much time and dedication into their songs. The panning, effects, reverbs, and delays create an exciting experience for the listener. I would recommend listening to it with headphones to take in the minute details that highly distinguish the character of the songs. The Equalization and compression is done very professionally as well. I am really excited to see this musician blossom and it seems as though he has found his true north in the music industry. Check out Black Elektronika’s newest song “Techno Drug”– now available on beatport. if you want to hear innovative, conscious music that is leading this genre in the right direction!”