Running Man

Brett Weller

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I packed my bags when they called the row
Where I can finally sit
I've been hiking on this open road
It can drive a man crazy
I was given coin to make one call
They thought it was to save me
Little do they know I chose this life of appeasement see

Verse 2
Once again I take my chances with cards
I fold before I find myself losing more
All my assets are on the table
Whoever thought this would be easy
But it ain't easy, see

I'm a running man, I'm a running man
Not looking for a quick solution
I'm a running man, I'm a running man
Oh it's been a long time coming
I'm searching for a ground that's higher
To find God inside my fire
I'm a running man, I'm a running man
With no signs of slowing down

I don't know where this road ends
You can have the whole world and loose your soul
I don't know where I'm going
So heaven call down, I'm ready to run

Verse 3
So I'll pitch my tent on the mountain
Hear your voice say “it's you I'm sending,
And until it's well-done son you won't hear me speak again”