"To This Day" Version 2 - by Chris Martin Music with Gate57

Chris Martin Music

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- Original Song, Acoustic Guitar, and Lyrics by Chris Martin
- Guitar tracks and vocals home recorded
- Keyboards and programming by Christian Di Carlo (GATE57)
- Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by GATE57
- Original Song, Copyright 2012
- Played: Martin GPCPA1

"To This Day" lyrics:
When I told you I needed my space...
It would lead to my loneliest place
I watched you cry as you begged me to stay...
How I left I'll never understand

To this day

When I told you I needed some time...
It would lead to my darkest of times
I had changed and I pushed you away...
It's a time I regret

To this day

I still miss that look in your eyes...
And the places they took us at times
I feel you deep in my soul every day...
How I wish I could have ya back

To this day