Hot Dub Time Machine - Your Paradise By Day Mix [Exclusive]

Dancing Astronaut



Your Paradise is set to kick-off from December 6-12th in Fiji. Tickets available at


Flight Final/Hayling - FC Kahuna
Walk On By - Truth and Soul
Stranger Things - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Alone in Kyoto - Air
My Dugong Loves Your Sea Cow (Best song name ever!)- Tape
Driving - Everything But The Girl (acoustic version
Noctuary - Bonobo
Edie Brikell (feat. Slug) acapella - DJ Vadim
What I am - Edie Brikell
Count Your Blessings - Hint
Dois Polos - Impossible Beings
Postales - Federico Aubele
Blue Monday - Flunk
Fujiya and Mijagi - Pilote
The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records (Ruxpin Remix II) - Mum
Kiss (DJ Smash remix) - Bob Belden Project
Fire Came Out - The Gorillaz
Dog - Pilote
Pink Elon - The Electronic Dreamplant
Lady (Come With Herbert Mix) - The Mighty Bop
Ilsa - Koolfonk vs Arnoud

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