Blue (ft. Stella Mensah & Sumner Becker) - DAP

DAP The Contract

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Artwork by Danny Sobor

Mixed by Elliot Bradley

I wrote this song over a year ago when I was worried about my future, feeling a little lost. In a twisted way, a year later, I've grown so much in my music and I work harder everyday to get better and secure a future for myself in which I can make a living from my music, but things have only gotten worse and worse around me. I feel like we're all still working towards our own individual selfish goals of being rich, being famous, or being materially successful. I wrote the second verse after watching J.Cole perform Be Free on David Letterman and observing the racially charged police brutality that has BEEN going on right before our eyes. As Cole said, the only way to make change is to all take responsibility for each other and LOVE each other, and this particularly resonated with me. The other day I searched through all my lyrics to see what I've really been talking about, and the most consistent topics: MONEY, and LOVE! There is no other way we can change the world, or at the very least be the spark that makes that change, without loving one another as we do ourselves and letting go of the security we feel money gives us! Systems built around capitalism eat us up, and narrow our vision. We are all sell outs, and we all suffer from the same drive to go get ours and chase the money! I hope that changes this year, for me, for you and for all your loved ones! I hope you find your heaven on earth!

I love you all.

Stay Blue


P.S Thank you Stella, Sumner and Danny (MILC) for helping me deliver this message.