First Time (feat. Nicholas Poupponeau Of Zoo Legacy)


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DRAE presents the 2nd single from "E/SCAPE", available now!

"First Time" featuring Nicholas Poupponeau of Zoo Legacy

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Composed/Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Andre Thibault
Written by Andre Thibault & Nicholas Poupponeau
Additional Production/Mixing by Andrew Hunt


(Verse 1 - DRAE)
You a natural born dream
A deeper beauty I've never seen
Notice the little things, the spaces in between
I appreciate the wave, if you know what I mean
You shine, like the way the light glistens off the trees
In spectrums of green, such a wonderful scene
Your touch got me in touch with being
It's so serene, I'm at peace just floatin down the stream

WOAH, the experience out-of-body
Ride slow with the flow, go opposite of Bugatti
When I'm with you, everything glows
I feel at home while we stare up at the clouds, making clouds of our own

One kiss and I'm trippin
All sins are forgiven
Colours so vivid
No stress, just livin, I'm lifted
Lay back, look up to the sky
Man I'm high...

And I'm in love with the first time
I'm in love with the first time (x4)

(Verse 2 - NICK)
No need for the words tonight
'Cause your body say it all
I'm down to take it off, can I break you off
Let me see how you work tonight
Ready as I've ever been
Bring your friend, baby bring her friends
Tell me when, tell me where
I can tell by the stares that you're startin to care

Tip-toe in them heels for me
Ride it like you got wheels for me
And don't say a thing just feel for me
I'm ridin on a cloud and it's real for me



(BRIDGE - Both)
I'm still chasin that feelin
I've got plans for you, but can't be too revealin
One touch from you and this life's more appealin
Why don't you come through, I could do for some healin (x3)

I'm always chasin first because it's not enough, it's not enough, no it's not enough
I'm tryin to make it work, but it's not enough, it's not enough, but I can't give up

(PRE-CHORUS - both)

(HOOK x2)