Bard Tales (Prod. South.Vibe)




I'm happy to present, Part 1 of my single saga "Bard Tales".

- Production by: @SouthVB
- Engineered by: @Alalu
- Artwork by: @GnarlyUS


"Living in a daze,
Going through the maze,
Millions on my mind not talking dollar signs,
Day dreamin' schemes just to get by,
Nine to fives not enough to stay alive,
Pushing music just to justify me myself and I,
Spiritually advised,
Leaving my advice on my journey through life,
Living in a fantasy when I close my eyes,
Navigating our galaxies,
Galileo on the mic,
Spitting philosophies,
Wordsmith like Phife,
Tribe of my own kind,
Balancing the law of physics with everything brush line,
Paint a picture with my words,
Vividly my victory,
Young Allen Poe the way the poetry flows,
Woke in every aspect from head to toes,
Rooted to the ground as I blossom and unfold,
Branching to the sky as I grow old,
Carried by the waves,
Canoeing through your ear canal the way the story goes,
Bard tales."

Much love for the support.