Anything I Can

Kayla Jay

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Kayla Jay returns with a simplistic and smooth track that describes an "us against the world" stance of relationships.


I couldn't tell you what I did
To deserve someone like you
And I'm amazed
you see
Every time you tell me
You believe in me
And I can't leave you be

Cause you stole the biggest part of me
Now I've come to get it back
And you're playing like
We haven't wanted this thing for our whole lives

But I'm here now
I said I'm here now

Now that I have you
I'm not letting go
Baby I'll be your rock
I am telling you so
You can count on me
Lean on me
just let me know
Gimme the where
The when
I'll do anything I can

No one wants us together
They want to see us fail
And I don't know why
I don't really care
Because I know you're mine
And they don't get a say

They can all tell us we're crazy
For listening to our hearts
But at the end of it all
Love is the foundation
Baby it's not a wall
And they can't knock it down

To keep you with me
Cause we can't ever let
Them come between
Something that they cannot even see
It's just You and me
It's just
You and me