The Kings Array


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Intro to the Track and EP:
This Track Is apart of my Upcoming "The Refraction: Amelioration of Necatuss" EP This ep is a 8 track compilation that talks about personal growth and development of myself as an artist and musician. This ep combines both art and music with the tracks all being turned into their own album artwork. This Ep is partially in response to major negative criticism I have gotten in the education systems on my work not being high art and the death of my best friend from middle and highschool over this past summer due to suicide.

Necātus is A latin, masculine, perfect passive participle of necō (Necō: I kill, murder, especially without physical wounding such as by poison or hunger). It means having been killed or having been thwarted. Amelioration, the english word first known to be used in literature in 1517 meaning “Improvement.” Necatuss is also my artist name. Thus, the title means “The Improvement of Myself, Having been Killed.”

This information, in conjunction with image of the word “Necatuss” (Like that of asian languages, the computer generates a language that is informed by the characters around it based of the 3d rendered audio of the word “Necatuss” being spoken.) is supposed to allude to ideas of significant struggle, and through this struggle, rebirth. The image not only looks like the collision of two worlds (ie destruction) but also looks like two gears moving forward after said collision. They also appear to be like eyes, recognizing that this struggle is not over, and this will not be the final collision for I still have a lot to learn.

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