Undertale: Concepted Neutral Run - Tears In The Rain (Cover)

PriceTheFox (Archive)



"Tears In The Rain is my second favorite megalo after Ceartas. Honestly, I like this more than original Megalovania. Drop did a good job with motifs and I really like it. This track should be emotional, and I think I did this. "

yep, this is finished now. say thanks to @redtenx for it.

Original by @droplikeanecake
Cover by @that-old-fox (yes, that's me) and @redtenx
Thumbnail by @redtenx and @xreamed
Art: https://aminoapps.com/c/undertale/page/blog/its-raining-somewhere-else/jX0u_Ku3aN2x8DYx4bgdWGjVp1bZvBx

Instaudio Upload: https://instaud.io/private/b6e70571f67957d1fc08da9269246f3160ac7d6c
Clyp.it Upload: https://clyp.it/kuptgaop
YouTube Upload: (soon...)