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"Always remember the magic,
The spark of life that lies within
As without you there could be no way to know yourself
Strive to create and to express that which is you

You are the peak of existence,
A blazing pinnacle of peace
And when you live in the light, being the love you are
You radiate, initiate a cosmic change

You are enough
Just as you are
Just be yourself,
That is all we need

Never lose sight of the wholeness,
The thread that weaves us all as One
For tried and true, through and through, we are connected to
All forms of life, and to each other now always

Release your fears of the future,
And dream of that you wish to see
Imagine a brighter world, and for the good of all
Open your heart and manifest reality

You are enough
Just as you are
Just be yourself,
That is all we need"

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"Cosmogenesis" marks the fourth release from 23-year-old electronic music producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Dayne Herndon, a.k.a. Starseed. That's me. :}

The album traces the story of humanity upon a multidimensional cosmic journey, each composition representing the energy of a particular star or star system and its corresponding archetypal traits. The parameters of the human game experience are such that, in a variety of ways, each individual embodies a certain set of characteristic "colors", "tones", or "flavors" that are reflective of certain places throughout the cosmos. Each individual is unique regarding the makeup of his or her blueprint and the particular themes that he or she will explore and play out in any given incarnation. Upon the course of one's incarnational trajectory, one simultaneously feeds into and draws from these various stellar energies in order to paint the story of one's life, to realize and to actualize one's full potential, and to satisfy the conditions of one's soul purpose. Humanity is reawakening to the fact that, as intergalactic junction hubs, each individual stands at the crux of a multitude of universal energies and acts as a medium by which these energies may coincide, interweave, exchange, and express themselves creatively and symbiotically, thereby facilitating the evolution of consciousness and allowing consciousness to understand itself at a much deeper level.

On a personal note, the collection of compositions that comprise "Cosmogenesis" are an exploration of some of the energies that I sense to be most representative of my unique makeup as an individual. I feel that what came through during the writing and production process for each tune could best be described as my subjective interpretation on a musical level of what the energies of each of these stars and star systems sound like and "mean" to me.

I feel strongly that written in the stars above, in the Earth below, and encoded within us are the keys to understanding who we are, where we came from, and why we are here, and it is my loving intention that "Cosmogenesis" may assist you in one way or another in this process of discovery and rediscovery. May these sound expressions resonate with, uplift, and inspire you in one way or another to connect more completely with yourself and with your truth. That said, thank you so very much for listening, and I hope you enjoy!

released September 22, 2016

All composition, lyrics, vocals, instrumentals, sound design, processing, mixing, and mastering by Dayne Herndon.

Album artwork by Youniverous and Dayne Herndon.

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