Sam Shure - Kasra [Snippet]

Stil vor Talent

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Sam Shure breaks the ice with his first EP on Stil vor Talent and his first one to kick off the year.

Artist: Sam Shure @samshure
Title: Kasra
Label: Stil vor Talent
Catalogue No: SVT212
Release: 2018-02-09

1. Kasra
2. Senorita w/ Temple Haze
3. Dystopia
4. Kasra (Atish Remix)

With the title Kasra, a name signifying ‘king’ or ‘ruler’ in the Persian language, Sam gives a nod to his Egyptian influences, whose sonorous traits can easily be picked up on all of the three original tracks included.

The centrepiece of the release, Kasra, unfolds as a dynamic composition ridden with sonic glints, whether it’s sudden vocal chops or exotic instrument reverberations. The tribal-infused vocals give it a luscious gloss, while the uplifting synth lead pushes the tension to the breaking point.

Following in the same sensuous vein, but taking off on its own terms, Senorita grips onto a main vocal lead, whose soft howls add a nostalgic dimension to its buzzing synth backbone.

Dystopia goes beyond a sonic exploration and summons an entire realm with its integral dreamy esthetic. Rolling out nimble percussion and hazy synths, it’s an overall euphoria-inducing track filled with catchy piano loops.

Atish is responsible for the Kasra remix, providing an upbeat and more functional alternative to the original. The initial tribal vocal loop is subdued and minimized, while theatrical synths take the spotlight, ensuring a release finale on a compelling note.

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