Mustapha Mond - Mesmerized [Mustapha Mond LP - STYLSS030]


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Available as a Free Download & Limited Edition Cassette:

"Mustapha Mond lulls us with an echo delicate enough to embrace, yet enough to remind us the house is empty. Following a transparent flow Mustapha Mond grids out a foggy fantasy. His self-titled debut bears the soul. The endless supply of continuously serene vocals are amply arranged. A trailing voice in“The Devil’s Hand" forbids civil association yet maximizes elation over the velvet tones yet minimally guides the listener through haunted soundscapes. Paralleling the enchanting hymnal chant of “Ghosting.” The Mustapha Mond LP offers each listener a natural synthesis while remaining within the burial ground." -@nephewbirthday

official video for 'Ghosting' here:

C O N N E C T • W I T H • M U S T A P H A _ M O N D :