Warning Signs

The Hearsay



Recording and mixing by Jeremy Nichols at Cocoa Break Studios in Woodstock, GA in July 2017.
Mastering by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering in West Trenton, NJ in July 2017.

Vocals: Ashton May, Travis Schmidt
Guitars: Jeff Holcombe, Travis Schmidt
Bass: Ashton May
Drums: Ryan Sterritt 


Verse 1:
Love comes with warning signs
A smile yielding caution.
4 years- you think I’d learn
That seduction’s not your game.
You just caught me off guard,
Continued rehearsing.
Move after move, you sell your “truth”
Yeah that’s that shit you’re dispersing

2 steps – We’re in
The room is perfect but the color seems wrong.
4 more- You win
Check your doubts at the door, girl, I’m giving you my all.

“Close the door.”
You take me for granted, why can’t I stay away?
“Can I take a little more?”
Dance, dance, baby, with every word you say.

Verse 2:
Eyes shine sincerity,
Lips disguise the lies you keep.
Beauty covered quarantine
Trying to find inside.
What it is that you hide,
Calculatedly genuine.
Big blue eyes filled with tears
Will never fool this fool again.

Pre-chorus 2:
“My phone” – You cry.
We’re finding your words at the same damn time.
Intentions pure – No lies
It’s getting hard to fight what’s inside of your mind.

The Hearsay - Warning Signs

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